The product range of STABIL ELEKTROTECHNIK GmbH can be divided into four groups: sensors, electronic assemblies, electromechanical assemblies and services. 

In the field of sensor technology our product range includes temperature sensors, level sensors, proximity switches, position detection and rotation speed sensors with different detection principles. Especially in the field of smart sensors we offer solutions, with an integrated evaluation system including bus-communication  (LIN/CAN)

Our customer specific electronic modules are used as decentralised control units and evaluation systems. They are partially equipped with LIN- or CAN interfaces.

In addition we offer assemblies consisting of senor and electronic modules including the appropriate wire harness. Part of our competence is the integration of sensors, heating elements, electronic components and plastic parts into hybrid assemblies solutions.

In the field of services we offer a full range of customer-oriented services. Therefore STABIL ELEKTROTECHNIK has professional development competences and laboratory infrastructure at customers disposal.