Position / Rotation speed sensors

Utilizing magnets and magnetic sensor elements such as Reed switches or hall sensors, we have the possibility to detect position and movement of movable parts of a vehicle. A common use are the magnetic proximity switches which can also be used as limit switches. Physical characteristics such as sensor points and hysteresis can be adjusted individually. In this field STABIL ELEKTROTECHNIK GmbH is capable of conducting investigations and optimizing the overall system using simulation calculations and visualization tools at a very early stage - before the creation of A-samples.

Convertible top proximity switch

Patented by STABIL ELEKTROTECHNIK GmbH this sensor system detects the position of a convertible top in the closing process.

Rotation speed detector

The sensor module detects the revolution speed of a fan, which is controlled via a viscous coupling. The integrated electronic detects the rotation speed and sends the information to the vehicle.