Electronic components

The electronic controls of STABIL ELEKTROTECHNIK GmbH include the areas decentralized, electronic controls and transmitters. The product range includes rotation speed controls, glow plug controls, hydraulic controls as well as controls for turn signals, wipers and washers, electronic monitoring and controls for testing equipment and LED technology. Voltage divider and PWM converters are also a part of the product portfolio of STABIL ELEKTROTECHNIK GmbH.

Evaluation electronics for coolant level sensors

This transmitter detects and sends information - depending on the level of a 2-position coolant level sensor - to the vehicle controls and the engine management system.

Control units for air-conditioning applications

Microcontroller driven ECU with LIN-Bus communication for air-conditioning applications. 

The scope of services of STABIL ELEKTROTECHNIK includes software development in accordance with SPICE-requirements, Hardware development and manufacturing in accordance with IPC requirements, Housing with Press-fit technology, PCB assembly and mounting.