Professional development: An important gain for our customers

We support and facilitate the development of projects from the initial idea to start of production. We establish the necessary infrastructure and develop everything a car, bus or truck could possibly need in order to arrive safe and sound.

Here our experience encompasses mechanical and electronical developments as well as testing and validating up to serial production in high quantities.

Our goal-oriented performance in the field of development can be summarized as follows:

  • developing flexibly and fast and in view of the customer's needs, taking into account the necessary quality requirements
  • target efficient project management
  • innovative and fast designing of components and products
  • working closely with the client in every stage of the project
  • manufacturing of electronics and mechanics by a single supplier with a high level of vertical integration
  • considering the overall concept even when developing a subcomponent
  • high qualified and interdisciplinary development team
  • valuable contacts with partners and experts for specialized and detailed knowledge in specific areas
  • short-term use of own equipment (in-house testing)